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We dare to envision a world in which all global cultures live in harmony and our economic institutions enable nature and prosperity to thrive symbiotically.

To build this world, Paloneo unites mission-aligned founders of startups, NGOs and investment firms to empower them with the network's collective access to capital, talent and decision-makers.

You can get involved by joining one of our upcoming events.

regenerative economy

Paloneo Summit

Paloneo Summit unites 80+ founders, investors, economists, artists and next-gens to collectively address systemic global challenges across tech, culture and nature.

Join us on May 24-26th at Rittergut Remeringhausen, Germany.

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united europe

British Symposium

The British Symposium was founded in 2021 amidst political tensions and cultural distancing between Great Britain, Germany and the European Union. 

Seeded by Paloneo, the Symposium has attracted influential leaders from European institutions as founding members and grown into a significant forum for intergenerational dialogues among leaders from the UK and Germany.

Attend the next Symposium on June 8th 2024.

ai generated culture

The next Age of Enlightenment

At a time when disruptive new technologies like AI are blurring the lines between artists and machines, our natural understanding of art is inevitably being challenged.

Opera Singer Michael Temporall-Darrell convenes a group of artists and technologists to envision the future of cultural creation.

Read our thesis on AI x Music

Moral Money


In partnership with leading investors and web3 minds, we are designing a global asset to catalyse the digital renaissance.

Read our thesis on DAOs