Join a global community of peers on a mission to advance conscious global citizenship.

The first 50 Founding Members will receive 200 PLD to reward early participation in the community.

Palodium: A digital asset backed by the Paloneo economy.

Paloneo's network value is driven by members who commit social and financial capital to Paloneo's mission and constitution. The value of this commitment is encapsulated in Paloneo’s network token, Palodium. 

Similar to owning land in a city, Palodium (PLD) grants governance rights and economic ownership over a growing social network.

Inspired by Bitcoin's transparent supply schedule, Palodium is a deflationary digital asset: its total supply is fixed to five million and new supply halves after every cycle, making the digital asset more scarce as demand for the network grows.

*To reward Paloneo's pioneers, the first 50 Members receive 200 Palodium over a four year vesting period, subject to a one year cliff.

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  • Become a Founding Member

    Members who nominated at least two friends by Dec 2024 are considered founding members of Paloneo.

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  • Host events & become a Governor.

    Governors are proactive community leaders. They receive additional governance rights and Palodium ownership.

  • Start an Impact Circle

    Impact Circles are results-oriented groups within Paloneo. They receive grants and network support from Paloneo and its partners.

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