Palodium: A digital asset capturing 'the GDP of the Paloneo economy'.

Similar to land in a country, Palodium is a scarce asset that can only be minted as new Members commit to the network constitution. PLD grants holders the right to:

  • Currency: Convert PLD 1:1 into shares of Paloneo Ltd or exchange it for other assets and services.
  • Governance: Exercise your voting rights and earn additional PLD by taking responsibility as a Governor.
  • Network Ownership: Capture Paloneo's economic growth, brand value and network effects over time.
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A global impact network owned and governed by its members.

Founding Members unlock 100 Palodium after one year of membership, receive invitations to subsidised events and join a global network of impact-driven peers.

Subscribe now and join us for the Spring Reception on March 21st in Marylebone, London.

  • Nominate new Members.

    Nominate up to 5 friends per year with your unique referral link via the Paloneo app.

  • Become a Governor.

    Host events and drive strategic projects. Governors are proactive community leaders. They receive additional governance rights and Palodium ownership.

  • Drive our mission.

    Members receive grants for events and impact circles that advance Paloneo's mission. Paloneo Fellows support Member's ideas with mentorship and capital.