Welcome to Paloneo

A conscious collective of global citizens.

Conscious global citizenship

The global challenges of our time transcend national borders.

Digital Society

Digital technologies have lowered the cost to communicate, collaborate, and form capital across the globe, enabling global cooperation at new scale.

Paloneo leverages blockchain technology to distribute network ownership and constitutional voting rights among its members.

With the advance of the digital age, we believe the most powerful institutions of the 21st century will be global impact networks, not nation-states. Paloneo aims to be one.

Planet Earth

To prevent further ecosystem collapse, we must reform global economic systems to form a symbiotic relationship between capitalism and nature.

Paloneo unites entrepreneurs, investors, policy-makers, and artists at its flagship events to advance a regenerative economy and way of life.

Cultural Empathy

In world that feels increasingly polarised, we leverage the beauty of music, art and cultural heritage sites to foster cultural understanding and cross-border collaboration.

With authentic cultural events, we build bridges across borders to sustain peace and prosperity for Europe and beyond.

“The real problem of humanity is the following: we have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and god-like technology.” Richard O. Wilson, 1929

Paloneo leverages the latest technology and historic venues to form a new institution focused on one thing that will never change: the need for human connection.